Largest Flip Cup Game
Jell-O Shot Yard Jenga
and More!

Drinking Begins at Noon
All Flip Floppers Welcome
this is a FREE EVENT

2023 Cove Crawl Map

A great opportunity to meet and party with some new people and visit different spots at Flip Flop Cove.
The fun starts in the afternoon and continues into the night.

Tons of  awesome food, games and drinks throughout the Crawl at our participating stops.

Thank you to our hosts this year:

The Markins, Cantrells, Askins, Dr. Dave & Lisa, Hermans, Sicilians, Williams, Longs, Grewes, Phillips, Riddles and Hoehners


Get a 2023 Cove Crawl Shirt

Available at Stop1 Day of Crawl

Snacks & Shots

Each stop is designated and encouraged to serve up an appetizer snack, a cocktail and a shot. Enjoy food and drinks at participating camping lots.


There will be limited shirts for sale at Stop 1. The shirts sell out quick!


You do NOT have to drink at every site, or at all, to participate! Everyone can enjoy this event by meeting new people and having some great food. Pairing up on golf carts is encouraged to reduce congestion and please be respectful of other campers not participating!


This an annual event and we love to see everyone participate and join in the fun. We ask you to sign up if  you are thinking of attending so the designated stops have a general idea of how many to expect food and drink wise. Hope to see you at Cove Crawl 2023!

Please let us know if you are attending so we have a good idea for our host spots providing the food and drinks.

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